"Forget Me Not" - Magnetic Embroidery Pin

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In Germany, the forget-me-not got its name from a romantic tragedy involving a knight and his lady. Although the tale has several versions, the most common is that the pair were strolling along the Danube River when the lady saw a blue-flowered plant that had been dislodged by the water and was about to float downstream. She wanted to save it, so the knight leaped into the water to retrieve it. The current was too swift, however, and as he was swept past her out to sea, he threw the flowers onto the bank, calling out “Vergiss mein nicht,” which means forget-me-not.

This pin is hand-embroidered with sequins, crystal chain, beads and crystals, and other materials.

How it works:

  • MAGNETIC: no pin prick, no damage to your clothes!
  • FRAMED: each pin comes in a frame to display between wears!

Little Details:

  • Strong hold: holds on all fabrics, including jackets
  • Lightweight: 20g (0.8oz)
  • Dimensions (pin): 5x8cm (2x2.75in)
  • Dimensions (frame): 15x15cm (6x6in) 
  • Display options: frame has a standing easel and a hook for hanging. 
  • Materials: rhinestones, sequins, beads & crystals


Pins are made to order. Guaranteed shipping time is within 5 business days from time of purchase.

How It Works

Your pin comes with a frame

Wear it using a Magnet

Display between wears