PinLynx for Business

Let's create a custom pin for your team

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Step 1. Intro call

We will start with an intro call to get to know your business/organization and to discuss what might go into the design of your very own PinLynx pin.
It could be your logo or a new unique design that your team/members will be proud to wear! 

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Step 2. Proposal

We will prepare a proposal now that will outline process, timeline, number of units and price of your order.
Only the design fee will be charged at this point.

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Step 3. Design

We will create the first iteration of the design and will submit it for your feedback. Don't worry, we can do a couple of itirations until you are completely satisfied! Once design is approved, a statement of work will be provided.


4. Production & Shipping

We are on the finish line! 
Now we make your beauitful pins and ship them to you in accordance to agreed upon timeline and shipping method. Enjoy and hope our pins bring joy to your team!

From our Clients:

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Irene Divaris

CEO, Meal in a Jar:

"The pin perfectly encapsulates the spirit and values of our brand. It is made of recyclable plant-based suede which gives a great tactile experience and is so easy to move between outfits because its magnetic!"

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Rob Allen

CEO, Aligned Outcomes:

"We presented the pins to our team at an annual company meeting and they were blown away! As AO strengthens its brand presence in the marketplace, our superb PinLynx lapel pins have "Upped" our game. These unique "pieces of art" speak to AO's brand esthetic and have become effective "Conversation Starters" as we engage with clients and business partners."


Susan Motkaluk

Board Advisor, TEC Canada:

"We centered our ice-breaker activity around the pins. Folks were to pick one of 10 designs at registration for the event and were later asked to share how they connected with it to the people at their table. The pins were a huge hit! Polina's attention to detail was shining through. Everyone LOVED the idea and the pins were worn proudly and taken home. A few folks even asked if they could take extras home for their family!"

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