I am pleased to accept commissions on magnetic pins when I am able. 

There are many reasons you may wish to commission a pin. You may desire to become the collector of an exclusive and unique wearable art, or commission a gift for a momentous occasion.

Perhaps you simply wish to add a unique symbolic accent to your outfits. Whatever your reason or project, get in touch and let’s work together. I look forward to hearing your ideas.


More about commissions:

Contracts. A contract is required to formalise the fine art commission and to ensure both parties are respected. The contract includes all details discussed, such as subject matter, size and medium of the artwork, price, due dates for payments etc.

Timeframe. Commissioned pins usually take between 3-6 weeks to complete depending on the complexity of the piece and Pauline's work schedule at the time.

Pricing. The price of a pin commission is established and agreed upon in the initial conversation with the client. The price will be based upon pin size and complexity and will be consistent with other comparable works by Pauline at the time of sale.

There are no extra charges for a commissioned pin. 50% of the agreed purchase price (non-refundable down payment) is paid at the time of the commission contract. The work on the commissioned pin commences after this initial payment is made. The remaining 50% is paid at completion and prior to handover of the commissioned pin.

Approximate pricing guide. Please note that prices listed are to be used as a guide only. The final price of your pin will be based upon the size and complexity and will be consistent with other comparable works by Pauline at the time of sale.

SNAPCHARM Basics collection type - $55 CAD:

  • Smaller pins (under 2in/5cm in width and/or height)
  • Minimalistic designs (fabrics, vinyl, hot fix crystals)
  • Frame size: approx. 5x5in (12x12cm)
  • See examples here.

SNAPCHARM Statements collection type - $195 CAD:

  • Larger pins (over 2in/5cm in width and/or height)
  • Complex embroidered & mixed media designs
  • Frame size: approx. 7x7in (18x18cm)
  • See examples here.

Delivery cost. For the sake of transparency, the cost of delivery is separate from the pin commission price and will be automatically generated by the eCommerce system in this online store. To see the shipping cost and shipping time to your mailing address, please proceed to checkout of a similar item in a store.

The commission process. In the initial discussion, usually via email or phone/Zoom, the particulars of the pin to be commissioned will be determined  (such as subject matter, size, colours, price, required completion date etc.). 

If required, Pauline will sketch up some rough designs to help illustrate the discussion. Once all of the particulars are determined a commission contract is created and exchanged, accompanied by an invoice for the down-payment.

The commission will be started only after both the down-payment has been paid and the contract has been signed and returned. Upon completion of the final pin, digital images will be sent to the client for approval. Once approved, the pin will be framed and the invoice for the final payment will be issued. Following payment of the final invoice, the artwork will be delivered/shipped to the client.