"Memento Mori" - Magnetic Enamel Pin

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Frame: Minimalist

Want to geek out on Greek philosophy and show how smart you are?

  • Memento Mori - means "remember about death". A phrase often used by Stoics, it's a reminder to live here and now because one day our time will run out
  • Memento Vivere - means "remember to live". Not to be confused with YOLO, it's goes hand in hand with the first one and really is a difeerent angel on the same idea.

How it works:

  • MAGNETIC: no pin prick, no damage to your clothes! ~ magnet included
  • FRAMED: each pin comes in a frame to display between wears!
  • A choice of minimalist plywood frame and a premium matted frame

Little Details:

  • Strong hold: holds on all fabrics, including jackets
  • Lightweight: 20g (0.8oz)
  • Dimensions (pin): 3.2cm (1.25in)
  • Dimensions (frame): 10x10cm (4x4in)
  • Display options: frame has a standing easel and a hook for hanging.


Pins are ready to ship. Guaranteed shipping time is within 2 business days from time of purchase.

How It Works

Your pin comes with a frame

Wear it using a Magnet

Display between wears